[Fix] There was a Problem while Playing Touch to Retry YouTube Error

After updated to the latest version of my Xperia Z2 and YouTube app, I frequently started showing an error message that, “There was a problem while playing Touch to retry“. The app was working perfectly where I can search for videos and get the results, but when I try to play a video it started showing a black screen with the above error message. However, no matter what you try, the error won’t go away. Even I touched the screen many times, but nothing happened.

Then I tried to play a YouTube video on chrome browser and it worked perfectly. So, I searched for it on Google and many other forums and I came to know many users like me also facing this problem on their Android phone. Till now, I am not sure what was the exact problem. Then I started applying many tweaks to solve this issue and finally got some solutions. Follow the below solutions, they would help you to solve YouTube’s there was a problem while playing touch to retry error.

There was a Problem while Playing YouTube Fix

Some say, this is a coding issue in the YouTube app and some say the problem is on the phone. No one exactly knows the problem. Then, how to fix YouTube error there was a problem while playing touch to retry? Don’t worry; the below solutions are tried by me and they may help you. Try one by one solution until you find the solution.

There was a Problem while Playing Touch to Retry

Restart Your Phone

This is the best solution you can try to fix any issue. This problem might be happening due to your phone’s connectivity with the app. Restart your phone and try to play a video. If this procedure doesn’t work for you, then try the below solutions.

Check the Data Connection

The main problem with the mobile data is, it drops the speed many times. If you are using a slow Internet connection or the signal strength is not good in your area, then this might happens. Try to switch to a WIFI connection or move to a stable network area.

Disable Ad Blocker and VPN app

A rooted user can easily block ads on Android. If your phone is rooted or you are using a VPN app on your Android phone, then disable it while playing video in YouTube app. These apps may block the proxy ports that YouTube connects to fetch the video from the server. After disabling the apps restart your phone and try to play.

Clear Data

Every app stores your activities. Anything wrong with the saved data might create a problem. Open your phone’s settings and navigate to Apps >> All. Now search the YouTube app and tap on “Clear Data” and then “Force Stop” button. After that restart your phone to play a video.

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Uninstall Updates and Reinstall it

YouTube is a default app comes with the phone. So, without rooting, you can’t uninstall it. You can only uninstall the new version updates. If the recent update is showing error like, “There was a problem while playing Touch to retry“, then remove the updates.

In order to uninstall the updates, open your phone’s Settings >> Apps >> All >> YouTube and tap on “UNINSTALL UPDATES“. This process will remove your updates and return back to the preinstalled version. After that restart your phone and try to play a video. If it is working, the update it again from the Google Play Store and try again.

Remove Your Google Account

In some cases, your Google account create problems if it is not configured properly. YouTube account is also connected with the Google. If there is some misconfiguration in your account, then it may prevent the app to work properly. First of all, remove your account, restart the phone and add the account again.

There was a Problem while Playing

In order to remove your current Google account, navigate to phone’s Settings >> Accounts >> Google and tap your email id. In Sync page tap on the three-dotted menu and choose “Remove account“. That’s it.

If you have any other solutions to solve, “There was a problem while playing Touch to retry” error, then share with us. We’ll definitely include it on this post.


  1. Sometimes, this type of problem, we have faced at the time of searching it on the Web, But, on the other hand, you may use ms outlook support to browse any kind of video over youtube.

  2. i have the same problem , i did try everything , even delted all my videos , factory reset my phone ,still issue remains same , i was so frustrated that i brought new mobile , now in new mobile i logged with my google account , still the same issues . You tube works fine with my google account on my ipad and Android TV but it is no working on youtube app on my all Android mobiles.

  3. Thanks for this post. I tried everything here but was still getting the problem, even reset the phone. The final solution for me was to remove snapchat. I have an LG G4 att version. Not sure how it is related but though I would share my solution.

  4. TY Chandan, I fixed it by your very first suggestion! I restarted the phone and it works just fine now. Thank you for sharing your info.

  5. TY Chandan, I fixed it by your very first suggestion! I restarted the phone and it works just fine now. Thank you for sharing your info.

  6. you know the little menu at the top of your screen that you drag downwards to open? bring that down when the error screen occurs and block your data. Then, tap on the error screen and it will say there is no connection, afterwards turn the data back on and wait until the data is fully booted up.
    Doing this kind of “refreshes” your connection to youtubes server and it should load the video properly, if it has the error screen again, tap a few more times and it will eventually work.

  7. If your phone has a lower resolution than 1080p, there’s a chance that videos will occasionally show the Touch to retry error after 5 seconds of video play. To fix it in these cases if actually touching it to retry doesn’t work, back out of the video and your search if there was one, select the settings dots in the top right. and click “Settings”. If your cause was the resolution resizing issue, Settings will not load and your screen will go black. Touch your back button and wait a few seconds. Settings will load, and an error from your phone will say Youtube is not responding. Select wait on the phone error, back out of settings, and start to play your video again. This workaround is the easiest way to fix the problem while we wait for an official update from Google for the app.


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