Technology has improved our lifestyle with a lot of innovative gadgets. With technology, you can perform your daily tasks faster than before to increase your productivity. New gadgets are developing every day to decrease your workload and to live better. After all, many people don’t know how to deal with their Gadgets and solve tech related problem.

If you show people the problems and you show people the solutions they will be moved to act.
Bill Gates

To teach people about technology, gadgets and solve the problems they face in day to day life, I started this blog. TechZac is a name of my random thoughts. Here you’ll get useful digital tips and resources on software, apps, and gadgets you can’t live without.

About Chandan (Founder)


I Chandan Prasad Sahoo, the man behind TechZac. By profession, I am an M.Sc Computer Science student and by passion, a professional blogger. I have been blogging since 2011 and too crazy about new gadgets. I love to write on Android, iOS, Windows, How-to Stuff, Gadgets and Security tips.

Gadgets owned by him: Custom PC Build (i7 6700k), Macbook Air (2017), HP Pavilion DV6, Asus EeeBook X205ta, iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel XL, Sony Xperia Z2, Lenovo Yoga Tab 8, iPad Mini 4, Nokia N8, Kindle Paperwhite.

About Sabina (Co-founder)


Sabina Khatoon, the Co-founder of TechZac, is a computer science student. She loves to visit new places and interested in technology and programming language. Now she is here to deliver some unique contents related to Gadgets and Android.

Gadgets owned by her: HP Pavilion G4, Redmi 3S, Moto E.