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Are MacBooks Really Great Laptops or Just Overpriced?

Depending on who you ask about Apple MacBooks you will get answers ranging from ‘best laptop ever’, ‘it’s apple just go for it’ and the classic ‘it’s an overpriced junk you will get much better specs for same price!!’.
MacBooks Really Great Laptops
So which one is true? To be perfectly honest, all of them are true based on which aspect of a MacBook you look at. In this article we will try and take an objective look at things and how a MacBook fairs against competition and why the views are so contrasting. Here’s a breakdown of the most common answers you get when asking about MacBooks.

Best laptop ever

Well this is not that far from the truth. MacBook’s generally use the latest and greatest hardware available at launch and you also get SSD in base models of many of them, which makes the experience great even on entry level MacBooks.

When we look at things objectively and what your primary use for the laptop is, MacBook’s are probably the best laptops money can buy. Specs aren’t everything. Sure a similarly spec’d windows laptop is considerably cheaper in most cases, but then they are also much heavier and lack the attention to detail a MacBook offers. And let’s not forget after sales service.

So when taking all things into consideration like the portability, attention to detail, build quality and service, a MacBook just stands above the competition in most cases.

Its Apple, Just go for it

This is an answer you would get from a lot of Apple product users. Can we write it off just like that because they are Apple fanatics? Well, not really. If a company has so many of them praising them they must be doing something right.

Apple knows how to market their products, they are unmatched in this aspect. But it’s not just marketing, Apple almost always delivers with their products and one aspect they never skimp on is Customer Service and the Build Quality of their products. This is the primary reason Apple has so many loyal fans.

Apple has convinced the world that their products are the best and people who buy it are almost never let down. One does pay a certain premium for the products but the experience always backs it up and it is what makes Apple fans so loyal to Apple products.

It’s an overpriced junk you will get much better specs for same price

Pretty sure everyone’s heard this answer. Does this hold any truth? Well, Yes and No.

Is it overpriced? Yes, but not entirely. We will get to that bit later.

Is it a piece of junk? Definitely not as we have already discussed, MacBook’s styling and build quality is second to none. This also impacts the overall life of the laptop.

Now let’s get back to pricing. When you take all things into consideration, like portability, build quality and service, it has little competition and generally the ones who offer similar specs with same level of attention to detail and portability and quality end up costing the same as a MacBook, if not more. Check for light weight (under 4 pound), high RAM (8GB), SSD storage (128 GB) and backlit keyboard, suddenly MacBooks will start looking affordable. Consider the avg. life expectancy and you would notice that Macbooks would pay up for itself just by lasting longer.

Taking all the points into consideration at the end of the day depends on what exactly do you need.

If budget is not an issue and you want the best overall package and experience – go for a MacBook.

Portability, ease of use and looks matter? Go for MacBook.

If you’re an avid gamer MacBook’s are probably not the best choice for you.

If one time high cost is an issue and you don’t mind something a little heavier – there are lots of good laptops to choose from. There are few like this Acer Aspire V5 piece, top it up with an SSD and it becomes a very powerful machine.

With so many fanboys on either side, it’s always sensitive to talk about macbooks vs. rest of the ecosphere, always good to look at data, experience both the worlds and then take a wise call.

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  1. gringott says

    I found something similar when I was investigating building a hackintosh Mac Pro. By the time I priced the same or better components, I realized it was actually cheaper to just buy a Mac Pro.

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