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Control Everything that Your Child does with their Device Using Android Parental Controls

Nowadays the smallest of the house has already begun to have smartphones from a very young age. From the age of 10 (yes, ten years) they begin to receive their first mobiles that on many occasions is an Android device. However, having mobile devices does not mean that they are mature, so the ideal solution is to implement a series of controls to be able to watch our little one from the mobile. For this, there are available a number of applications, but among all, the one worth trying is FamilyTime. Let’s have a look at the features offered by this Android parental control and see how these features help us in monitoring and in taking the control.

FamilyTime – Android Parental Controls

FamilyTime – Android Parental Controls

As the name says it clearly; the FamilyTime app is an app for parents that allows them to monitor everything that happens on their kids’ smartphone, such as the calls they make, the SMS they send, the web pages they access… etc.

To access this information you must access the service website or install the parent version of the app on your own device in the first place and where the app shows everything you want. Obviously, the application has to be installed on the mobile of your little one as well, which is perhaps the most complicated step.

The FamilyTime app works with the consent of parents and kids both. Once the app is installed successfully, parents can:

  • Have a look at the contacts of their kids
  • See whom do they contact via calls or SMS by monitoring their call logs and SMS history.
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts and receive notifications when the contact is made.
  • View their kids’ web-browser history along with bookmarks to see the websites they visit and what’s added to their favorites list.
  • View the complete list of apps installed on their phone/tab.
  • Check all apps related details such as the date of installation, version of the app being used etc.
  • View app usage frequency to see the time spent on each app.
  • Blacklist any app they find inappropriate or questionable.
  • Use the virtual map and track the current location of their phone
  • Check the location history with date and time stamps
  • Geo-fence all important places to receive check in and check out alerts
  • Receive PickMeUp and SOS alerts from kids.
  • Put auto-screen locks on their devices to limit the device usage
  • Remotely lock their device from your parent Dashboard.

To try the app yourself, go now to the app store on your phone and download it.

With FamilyTime – Android parental control app, you can always stay updated on what’s happening with your kid and you can always stay connected to them!

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