View and Control your Computer from Android


Is there any way to view and control your computer from Android, from anywhere in the world? Yes, there are many ways; the best is by using TeamViewer application. How is that, if we go with Google to access our computer from any distant location? Chrome Remote Desktop is a Google chrome extension which can do it for us. Let us discuss how it works?
Control your Computer from Android


Make sure that you have login in Chrome browser with your Google account. In your Android device login with the same account details, that in Chrome. If both devices are ready, then time for download Chrome Remote Desktop extension for Google Chrome and Remote Desktop app for your Android device.

Setup your Computer

Remote access requires better network connection for the best result. If you have a slow connection, then it’ll give leisurely displaying results.
1) Open app in your Chrome browser and open Chrome Remote desktop app.
2) Here you’ll see two options; Remote Assistance and My computers. Remote Assistance is used to access another computer from your computer.
Control your Computer from Android
3) In My computer’s section click on Get started. It would ask you to authenticate your Google account with Chrome Remote Desktop.
Control your Computer from Android
4) After that a software “Chrome Remote Desktop Host” around 10 MB will download and install automatically in your computer.
5) Now time to set a 6 digit PIN in Chrome Remote Desktop extension window.
Control your Computer from Android

Access from Android

In your Android device, open Remote Desktop. Make sure that you have a network connection. If Wi-Fi/3G is available, then it would be better. It’ll show your computer name; as mine “CHANDAN-PC”. After click on that it’ll ask for PIN which you have set on your Chrome.
Control your Computer from Android
Now time to view your computer screen in your Android Mobile/Tablet. This looks amazing. You can view and control you computer from another room, college or anywhere you want.