Facebook Lite Android App Finally in India for Download


Are you using Facebook app on your Android device? If yes, then you sure know the problems with this app. First, it comes with a heavy install (around 40 MB), which affects in your mobile performance. It is a headache for low end Android phones and you can’t run it using lower data rated plans like 2G.
Download Facebook Lite India
Many people of India belong to a middle-class family, who doesn’t afford a 3G pack. Firstly, Facebook lite was launched for US reasons to provide a faster performance in lower Internet speed. After its limited release in Asia recently, the Facebook lite app for growing markets is now available in Indian and Philippines users.

Users will now be able to download and use the new app straight from the Google’s Play Store. With a weight of in at less than 1MB (435KB), the app is intended for Android operating system 2.2 or above. Facebook says the Lite app has been developed for 2G connections and other places with slowly or unpredictable network.
Facebook lite India
Facebook Lite, which is currently in version 1, will function all primary features of the conventional app like news feed, messaging, photos, links, notifications, etc. On the other hand, the app meanwhile does not support video. “This function is going to add sooner,” said by Facebook.

Don’t be panic by using two larger apps for Facebook and chatting. This Lite app can do the both work for you. So, let’s open Play Store and download Facebook Lite app now in India.

Facebook Lite
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free