Flipkart Lite, the Mobile Website: Everything You Need to Know


Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce website. On may 2015, it had suspended its mobile websites and decided to embrace mobile app-only shopping platform, because it has mobile apps for all major platforms such as Android, iOs and Windows phone. But it was a wrong decision. According to the report, only 4% of the people actually install the app. Flipkart didn’t have a mobile website, so it has launched a mobile website with the partnership with Google called Flipkart Lite.

The mobile website is designed to provide the same experience as the official app, is now live and comes as a break for users who did not wish to download the Flipkart app. Before you started shopping with the web app, you should know few things about it.
Flipkart Lite, the Mobile Website

It’s named as Flipkart Lite

Flipkart’s new mobile website has named as Flipkart Lite, which aims to deliver the official app like user experience on the mobile browser. Earlier Flipkart was forcing the users to install the mobile app, but with the mobile version you will not be prompted to download the app each time.

Works like an app

Flipkart worked with Google to ensure a user experience like the mobile app. Now user can enjoy all features like the official app with much smoother UI. You can easily add Flipkart Lite to your phone’s home screen for direct access and you will see its own icon. Some features are missing, like Ping and image search. It uses your smartphone’s graphics processor to render pages more quickly.

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Designed for Low Storage and Bandwidth

Generally the low-budget smartphones have low internal storage like 4GB or 8GB. Due to the low memory many users tend not to download the app. But Flipkart Lite doesn’t require your storage as well as runs of low-bandwidth connection. As like the mobile apps, you don’t require a speed connection to buy a product.

Offers are Not Available

Till the offers and discounts are not available for Flipkart Lite. When you try to look for offers and discounts, it displays as “We are launching Offers on the Web App soon. Till then, find them on the Flipkart App.” Very soon you’ll get the offers on the mobile web.

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Works only on Chrome, Opera

Flipkart lite is developed using Chromium, which is adopted only by the default Chrome browser. So the new mobile website works only on Chrome and Opera browsers. Those who are using browsers like UC Browser will see the PC version of the website instead of Flipkart Lite. When you open flipkart.com on opera mini, it redirects to the Play Store to download the official app.

Not Designed for iPhone Users

For now, it is only developed for Android users. iPhone users will not be able to use the Flipkart Lite even if they use Google Chrome browser. However, Flipkart says it plans to add support for other platforms very soon.

Why with Google?

To increase the traffic you must need the search engine, but Google can’t crawl and index content from the app. So, Flipkart worked with Google to provide an app-like experience on the mobile browser.