How to Generate a Cool Username Online


In your day to day life, you create many accounts online. Username and password are the authentication key of your accounts. You always want that you have a nice and cool username, that can be easily remembered. The problem appears, when the website shows you that your username is already taken.

Have you ever faced a problem like this? Then don’t worry, cool username generator is the solution of your problem. By putting your simple details you can get cool username ideas for your account.

How to Generate Cool usernames?

Follow the below procedures to successfully generate cool unique usernames.
cool username generator
1) Open any browser on your computer or you can try it on your mobile device.
2) Go to Username Ideas website. It is a free online, that allows you to generate random usernames on the basis of your given data.
3) All the fields are in the list is only for keyword purpose. You can put any data, but it could be better if you’ll give the original data. Fill your Name, Surname, Nickname, What you like, Your favorite word, Number, etc.
4) After filing the form, click on Generate button.
5) You’ll get many results according to your data.
6) You can also tick on “Add Prefixes” option to add random prefixes with your names.

All the fields are not compulsory. However, you need at least one field to fill up. Using this cool username generator, you can create many names like this, but it doesn’t show the availability of the username. You can use NameChecklist tool to check all these usernames are available or not.