How to Get YouTube Red for Free on Android Devices


YouTube is world’s largest video portal. YouTube Red is subscription service which offers exclusive features for video lovers. By paying $10/month you can play YouTube videos in background, download videos for offline playback when the screen is off and you can also access the YouTube Music. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you, how to get YouTube Red for Free on Android devices. When you watch any video on YT, very often you see Ads on the beginning of the video, even in the middle of the video. While playing a video, if the video has monetized with Google Adsense, usually you see yellow points on the seek bar. These yellow points are actually the ads.

After the simple YouTube Red hack, you’ll not see any ads on your videos. By applying this trick, you’ll not get YouTube Red subscription for free on Android, but YT will think you have a YT Red subscription. In this way, you can enjoy ads free videos as well as play YouTube videos in background. This is very useful for those, who want to do multiple works while watching a video.

YouTube Red Hack Requirements

In order to play YouTube videos in background with no Ads, you have an Android device with root access. Follow the below requirements. Besides this, you can use YouTube Music outside the US on Android smartphones and tablets.

How to Get YouTube Red for Free on Android

Using Xposed firmware, you can apply additional and advanced features on your Android. On your phone, first open the Xposed Installer app and go to Download section. Now search for “YouTube Background Playback” module and tap on the top result.
Get YouTube Red for Free on Android
From here, swipe over to the Versions tab, then hit the “Download” button to complete the download process. Within a few seconds, you’ll see a pop-up window to install the app. So, tap on the “Install” button to install it on your system.
Get YouTube Red for Free
When the installation will finish, it’ll show a notification to reboot your Android device. Reboot the phone and come back to Xposed Installer app and go to Modules tab and mark on “YouTube Background Playback” module. After that, restart your phone again. That’s it.

Play YouTube Videos in Background

Now your YouTube app is fully extended with background playback feature without any ads. In order to test the feature, open YouTube app and play a video. You’ll see a control menu on the notification bar as well as the lock screen. You can now do other tasks by minimizing the YouTube video.
play youtube videos in background
This is all about how to get YouTube Red for free on Android to play YouTube videos in background without any Ads. Don’t forget to update the module when you’ll get an update of the official YT app to work the YT Red features correctly.