Google Earth Pro Free Download, Worth $399

How many of you know about Google Earth? It is a software by Google, that provides virtual map and geographical information about our globe. There are three types of versions are available; Google Earth (Free), Google Earth Pro ($399 per year) and Google Earth Plus (Discontinued).
Google Earth Pro Free Download
The free version comes with limited functions and the Pro one has some advanced features like 3D structures, print out high-resolution pictures for demonstrations or reviews, and record HD films of exclusive visits around the world.

The Pro version will now be available for 100% free, formerly charging $399 per year. While the free edition of Google Earth has often been more than enough for informal map and world customers, the Pro edition has seen use among experts from researchers to companies, who have been able to take benefits of innovative functions previously not ready for use for free.

Google Earth Pro Free Download

The Professional version has now been created available for totally free for everyone. For those interested in getting started with Google Earth Pro, they can claim their license key here and then Google earth pro free download.

Existing customers will be able to keep it too, Google said. It didn’t say whether they will be returned for their remaining registration.

The tool was previously used by developers and other designers to make designs of new structures. It also permitted filmmakers and others to quickly make flyover photos for movies. Apple company provides similar services in its Maps app, but doesn’t have the accurate calculating or shooting resources of Google Earth Pro.