How to Increase Telegram Channel Members

Do you really want to know how to increase Telegram channel members? Here, I am not going to tell you any story. These are the proven ways that I have tried to increase channel members in Telegram. If you are new to the term channel, then let me tell you something regarding this. You know WhatsApp, right! Then, you probably hear the term broadcast. It allows you to send one message to multiple contacts, if and only if the receiver has your number. Otherwise, the receiver will not get your message.

The bad thing is, it only allows you to add 256 contacts in a broadcast list. Unlike the WhatsApp, channels in Telegram plays a different role in terms of message broadcasting. You can say, it is the combination of Whatsapp and YouTube. After creating a channel, you are allowed to add up to 200 members in it. After that, the members can join your channel by following your public or private link.

Why Should You Increase Channel Members in Telegram?

You won’t believe that I have already earned more than $500 from my two Telegram channels in a year. I know, this is not a big amount, but this is enough for motivation. If you have a larger channel, then you can even earn more with your channels by publishing affiliate links or by advertising other channels. In my opinion, Telegram is the best instant messaging app to earn some extra pocket money.

If you have a blog, then you can promote your posts in your channel and you’ll get instant views. Well, I like Telegram more than other instant messaging apps which helps me to promote my blog as well as give me some extra money.

How to Increase Telegram Channel Members?

Increase Telegram Channel MembersThere are few basic strategy to add member to Telegram channel. Here I have shared some proven ways to increase Telegram channel members in few months. Let’s focus on these points.

1. Choose the Right Topic

A right topic plays an important role in increasing audience of your channel. Don’t start a channel with a random topic. First, you have to analyze different channels which have larger members. You need to do something better than your targeted channels to grow your members. Don’t choose a topic which you can’t post for a long time. Always start a topic which you are fascinated with; so that you’ll never end the topic ideas.

2. Consitancy

This is the best thing to keep your members engaged. If you are publishing a post daily, then every day you have to publish a post. In that way, you can attract some loyal members who love your topic. And, keep in mind one thing that loyal members won’t leave your channel. Always post for your loyal readers, not for temporary readers.

3. Add Your Channel to is the largest website having popular Telegram channels in different categories. This is the best and easy way to add member to Telegram channel. Here, you just need to add your channel and tell your readers to rate your channel for 5 stars. It is compulsory to make your channel visibel in the first page.

If your channel will show on the first page, then you’ll get members automatically without any effort. You just have to do one this, increase your ratings. So, always ask your readers to give 5-star rating for your channel. A lower rating will disappear your channel from the first page.

4. Promote Your Telegram Channel

There are different ways you can follow to promote your channel. The best way is the Telegram groups and channels. There are few groups exist in Telegram which allows you to promote your channel; you have to find those groups.

If you have money and want to increase Telegram channel members, then you can promote your channel by paying money to a larger Channel. Now, I am making money in my Telegram channels by promoting other Groups, Channels, and Bots. Social media including Facebook, Google+ also plays an important role in promotion. Or, you can use WhatsApp to do the same.

5. Use Quora

Quora helped me a lot to increase Telegram channel members. Quora is the world’s largest and popular question and answer website. Here, a lot of people asks questions related to Telegram messenger. You can use this platform to add member to Telegram channel.

know the answer, then give your answer and put your channel’s link below of the post. It’ll attract the readers to join to your channel. As like Quora, you can follow other Q&A sites to promote your channel in a polite way.

Final Words

This was all about how to increase Telegram channel members. If you want to add member to Telegram channel, then you can follow these ways. I have gained more than 40K members in a year by following these strategies. If you are following any other way to promote your channel, then don’t forget to share with us.