Intex Cloud FX, Cheap Firefox Smartphone Review


Intex launched a new phone called Intex Cloud FX with Firefox OS on Snapdeal at Rs. 1999. It is the cheapest smartphone, which has Firefox OS. It is not the first firefox based phone. Before intex, Spice also launched a phone with same OS, but this one is cheapest. If you want to buy a smartphone, may be this one is not for your choice, but as a secondary phone, this one is the best choice for anyone.
Intex Cloud FX, Cheap Firefox Smartphone Review
Before buying any new released phone from online, all have the same queries like; how is the phone?, Is it simple to use or not?, Where to download application?, etc. Today I am here to clear all of your doubts. Let’s know about its hardware and software features.

Hardware Specifications

It comes with a plastic body, and the backside is cross finished; that’s why it is not slippery. Screen size is 3.5 inch with a resolution of 320×480. It has 256 MB of ROM and 128 MB of RAM with 1GHz processing unit. RAM is too low here, but the OS is optimized to run smoothly with that quantity of RAM. The user available memory is 45 MB, and you can expand it through a 4 GB micro SD-card. It has a basic camera of 2MP with no flash. In this price tag, the camera is pretty enough.

The connectivity options are Bluetoot, WI-FI, but no 3G. As a cheap phone, these are much enough. No one would like to use 3G on that kind of phone. Along with 1250mAh of battery, it can run much time than an Android phone.

Software Specifications

As a new type of mobile operating system, all have many doubts about the software. Let’s know how is Firefox OS with Intex Cloud FX.

1) Easy user interface: As a first-time smartphone user, many people face many problems to operate. As Android, it is not that much difficult to operate. You don’t have to search for the basic things, like call, messaging, contacts, browser, etc. All icons are in the front screen.

2) Don’t need an Email Id to operate the phone: In Android, there is need of a Google account to operate the phone. In its case, it is not essential. You can freely use the OS without any barrier.

3) Mozilla Market Place and Apps: Cloud FX comes with the Mozilla market place, where you can download all your needed apps. It supports all major social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Many popular games like Temple Run, Angry Bird, Candy Rush are missing in market place.

4) No WhatsApp supported: If you are a WhatsApp fan, then sorry to say you that it’s currently not supports WhatsApp. May be it’ll come soon for Firefox OS.

5) Consumes less Internet data: I’m an Android user and know very well that how Android eats mobile data. However, Firefox OS uses web compression technology, which consumes lesser data and gives a faster browsing experience.

You can say, it is a perfect Smartphone with perfect price. In a small package, you can get everything for your daily use.