IOTransfer 3 Pro Review

IOTransfer 3 Pro Review – Quick iPhone & iPad Manager for Windows

iTunes is the all in one iOS manager application which is used to play, download, and organize Photos as well as digital downloads like music and video, book, etc. Sync is one of the biggest problems happens with iTunes...
Use Siri to Send WhatsApp Group Messages on iPhone

How to Send WhatsApp Group Messages Using Siri Voice Assistant

The latest version of WhatsApp allows you to send group messages using Siri on iPhone. The company has rolled out a brand-new upgrade for iPhone users that lumps the version of their instant messaging program to 2.18.80. Beneath this...
Download Pokemon Quest for Free on Android and iOS

Download Pokemon Quest for Free on Android and iOS

Now you can download Pokemon Quest for free on Android and iOS devices. Nintendo announced this game on the month of May for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS users. At the time of launch, it was only available...

Download and Install iOS 12 Public Beta on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Apple introduced iOS 12 on June 4th, and published the developer beta that same day. But, now you can download iOS 12 beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. This season was relatively mild for iOS, with...
Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

Smart Ways to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

It is for sure that you're new iPhone takes up most of the center spotlight. New advanced camera features, OLED screen on display, amazing wireless charging, A11 processor, automated face ID recognition, and so many wonderful features that are...
How to Make a Fake Phone Call to Yourself

How to Make a Fake Phone Call to Yourself

Have you ever wondered that how to make a fake phone call to yourself? If yes, then this article could help you regarding this. Have you ever faced a boring or uncomfortable situation with your friends, family or relatives?...
DearMob iPhone Manager Features

DearMob iPhone Manager Review: Manage iOS Device without iTunes

The next generation iPhone X is here, but Appleā€™s traditional file manager software iTunes is still the same. Every iOS user faces different problems while managing the files in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. iTunes is too slow to...