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Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android

Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android

You should check out these best hidden camera detector apps for Android to protect your privacy.  The camera is the elegant discovery of science. A camera is very helpful for capturing your best moments in just one click. Nowadays,...
Enable or Turn Off YouTube Restricted Mode

How to Enable or Turn Off YouTube Restricted Mode

Do you want to know how to enable or turn off YouTube restricted mode, that will help you to filter videos from children? YouTube is the second largest search engine which allows you to learn in an audio visual...
How to Lock Android Apps with Face

How to Lock Android Apps with Face and Fingerprint

In today’s tutorial, I am going to explain to you how to lock Android apps with face and fingerprint. In my previous article, I shared the way that how you can control your Android device with face. But, this...
Read Encrypted Messages

How to Read Encrypted Messages through an iOS Spying App

With people peering into each other’s pockets without permission, and nosy spouses snooping through the message history of their partners whenever they left the phone unattended, there has never been more need to encrypt messages than there is today.Though...
Enable Amazon Two-Step Verification

How to Enable Amazon Two-Step Verification to Enhance Account Security

Now, you can enable Amazon two-step verification to enhance your account's security. Undoubtedly, Amazon is world's largest online shopping website. It is available most of the countries. A variety of quality products and top notch customer service make it...
Enable two-step Verification on Whatsapp

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

You can now enable two-step verification on Whatsapp for Android and iPhone. Technology giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft who had enabled this feature earlier to add more security for users. This feature had been under testing...
Hexlock Review

Hexlock Review : A Smart App Lock for Android to Protect Your Information

Are you concern to protect the information of your smartphone? If yes, as you should, then Hexlock could help you. Let’s know how. The most common thing that you get in 99% of the people’s hand is the phone....