Save your Money with Daily Money

Money is a valuable part of human life. Money saving is a big task, if you are a student or a new employee. In a student’s life, they got some limited money per month for expense. If they don’t manage it in a proper way, then that may create a problem for them. To record our daily income and expenses generally we use a notebook. In the smart world, there is no need of a notebook.
Save your Money with Daily Money
Daily money Android app is here to save your money by tracking your everyday records. It is a tiny financial managing application that records your daily expenses, income, assets and liability. There are many applications over net, but daily money is user-friendly. Let’s know how to use it.

Add Daily Expenses or Incomes

Save your Money with Daily Money
In the main screen of Daily Money, there is an option “Add Detail”. Here you can add your expenses and incomes. “From” is your account name, “To” is the type of expense or income. Add your amount and make a note and select “Create” button to add a record.

Modify Account Details and Expense Types

In “Accounts” icon, you can find all the types of your expense related. You and new “Expenses” types like Book, Mobile Recharge, etc. In “Asset” tab you can add or modify your Bank name or anything else where to store money.

Change $ icon

Save your Money with Daily Money
In every report, you’ll see a $ symbol. If you want to change it, then click on “Books” icon. In Book0 id change $ to Rs. alternatively, anything you want. You can also change the symbol position.

Backup your Records

Save your Money with Daily Money
To backup your records to SD card or to import/export anything, take a look on “Data” section.

Secure Daily Money

Save your Money with Daily Money
If you want that no one can be able to view your daily money reports, just put a password on it. Click on “Preferences” icon and put “Password protection-1” then “Password protection-2” to create a password. Every time you open it, it needs a password.

This is a great application, which has no advertisement and very fast. After one day of use, I love it. Now my saving is on my smartphone.


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