Truth About Sales CRM

I will Tell You the Truth About Sales CRM in the Next 60 Seconds

CRM systems have become the phenomena of the twentieth century. Almost every company is either on board or are trying to implement CRM. However, not all is well that sounds well. On one hand companies are spending millions and...
Technology that is Changing Poker

How to Make the Most of the Technology that is Changing Poker

Poker is a game with less than prestigious origins, which, until as late as the 1960, was thought to be played only by hoodlums and gangsters. The growth of Las Vegas in particular and the huge casinos frequented by...
Download and Install Android O Public Beta

How to Download and Install Android O Public Beta

Download and Install Android O Public Beta: The Android O Developer Preview was made available for Developers on 21 March 2017, but not recommended for public use. But, now Google has released Android O Public Beta for all users....
Allow Only Admins to Send Group Messages in WhatsApp

How to Send Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Text in WhatsApp

The most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has pushed out an update for both Android and iOS devices. The new update has the ability to add text formatting in your chats, which includes bold, italics and strikethrough. This indicates...
Best Smartphone Battery Life 2016

Remove these Apps to Get Best Smartphone Battery Life

How to get best smartphone battery life in 2016? Owning a smartphone is not a big deal these days. The gadget world is changing day by day. Nowadays, you'll see a smartphone on everyone's hand. There are many phones...
MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows

[Review] MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows

What is the need of a video converter? A video converter converts one video format to different formats according to the device compatibility. MacX HD video converter pro is available for both Mac and Windows users. The today's article...
Facts about the iPhone

20 Interesting and Unknown Facts about the iPhone

Everyone knows about the Apple iPhone. After the introduction of the iPhone, there has been a huge public response to this product. This is one of the most selling phones of the world every year. It's really cool.You may...