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Best Telegram Channels List to Join Today

Are you looking for the best Telegram channels list 2018? When security and features are the main things to concern, I always go with Telegram messenger. Because, this is one of the favorite instant messaging apps in terms of features, flexibility, security and the main thing is entertainment. I have already highlighted some key points on why should you use Telegram instead of WhatsApp. I’m not saying WhatsApp is bad at all; I am just focusing on the features that a modern and advanced messaging app should have. If you might have used this fantastic app or currently using it, then you know about Channels. Telegram channels are the innovation to message broadcasting industry. So, in today’s topic, I am going to share the details on the channels and the top Telegram channels list to join today.

Sharing a message with a large number of members is called Broadcasting. But, the channels on Telegram have changed the way of broadcasting. Unlike WhatsApp, your channel can have the unlimited number of members with a public or private link. Anyone can join a public channel with the permanent link ( or by searching on the Telegram, but you must have the invitation link from the creator to join a private one. If you don’t want to use TG anymore, then you should read the procedure to delete a Telegram channel.

How to Create a Telegram Channel

You can easily create a new channel for your audience on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. Creating a channel is super easy; you just need to follow the below steps according to your device.

  1. iPhone: Start a new message by tapping the icon in the top-right corner in Chats and select ‘New Channel’.
  2. Android: Tap the circular pencil icon from the main screen or tap the Menu button and select ‘New Channel’.
  3. Windows Phone: Tap the ‘+’ button on the bottom bar and select ‘New Channel’.

You have to choose your channel as Public or Private. But, don’t worry, you can change it anytime in the future. After creating a channel you can only add up to 200 members, then you have to share the public link on different social media to inform people to join in your broadcasting list. The creator of a channel can add multiple Administrators to manage the channel, but they have some limitations. They can only send messages, delete their messages, view and remove members.

How to Join Telegram Channel

When you want to become your own boss and find methods to earn a self-made salary, you need some public classes to become visible. But be quite selective. To join a new Telegram channel you need to know the URL for that channel. If the channel is private, you need the private invitation link of that channel; because without that link, you can’t find out a secret channel. Open that URL on your mobile phone and Telegram will open this channel. You just need to tap on the JOIN button located below of that channel and you are successfully joined. Well, without wasting your time, let’s jump to best English Telegram Channels for a better content.

Best Telegram Channels List 2018

Best Telegram Channels List

There are thousands of top Telegram channels available in different languages. But, here I have listed some Telegram channels category for amazing content for English users. Before moving to the list, you should know how to join and get updates from a broadcasting channel.

Joining a channel is super easy. I have given links to best channels on Telegram to join in the below section. You just need to click on the link and join that channel. This procedure is easy for smartphone users, but if you are reading this post on your computer, then you have to download Telegram for Windows and Mac Computers. If you are preparing for Civil Service exams, then don’t forget to check the best Telegram channels for UPSC preparation.

Boring Class
Members: 30K+
Details: This is one of the best Telegram funny channels for unlimited fun, troll, and knowledge. It provides daily funny pictures, videos and unknown facts around the world. By joining the broadcasting list, you’ll get quality content related to fun and knowledge base.

Tech Guide
Members: 24K+
Details: Are you a fan of tech contents. If yes, then this is the best Telegram channel for you. This is a technology-based channel which offers daily tech news, tips, and tricks. You’ll get daily updates of technology regarding Android, iOS, Windows and much more. This is the official channel of TechZac blog.

Like You Bro
Members: 300K+
Details: If you are searching for Funny Images with Quote, then this is the best channel for you. This is the official channel for a popular Facebook page Be Like Bro. You can say, it is one of the best Telegram channels India for daily humor and jokes.

Ask Me
Members: 15K+
Details: Are you a knowledge seeker? Are you looking for a platform to gain information regarding science and technology? If yes, then you should join here. It is one of the best telegram channels in English which unveils the answers of some unknown questions.

Stickers Channel
Members: 68K+
Details: Stickers are the next version of emoji. If you want to express your feelings without typing texts, then you can send them. As like the name, it offers some coolest Telegram stickers to impress your friends. It is one of the biggest telegram channels you should join today.

Gif Channel
Members: 61K+
Details: There are two things popular in these days in instant messaging apps. One is funny video and another one is funny gifs. Gifs are the mute version of a funny video. If you want best Telegram Gifs for your friends and groups, then this is for you. Join today and get unlimited funny pictures.

Full Music Albums
Members: 51K+
Details: Music is also a form of entertainment that puts sounds together in a way that people like or find interesting. This is one of the best Telegram channels for music. Here you’ll get your favorite music albums for free.

Programmer Jokes
Members: 40K+
Details: Do you like technology? Then, this is the combination of both tech and humor. This channel serves you daily jokes related to computer and programming. This is one of the cool channels you should join now. Feel free to laugh :)

Common Mistakes
Members: 21K+
Details: This is one of the best Telegram channels for learning English. It mentions the most common mistakes made by learners and offers a correct version and explanation. Every day, it shares general mistakes we made in English grammar and also the right form of that error.

# Memes
Members: 40K+
Details: Memes are cultural symbols and social ideas that spread virally, primarily with the intent to either make people laugh or to make fun of others. This is one of the popular telegram channels for memes and funny pictures. All the pictures are included with text which is good for readability.

Members: 19K+
Details: This is the top Telegram channel who shares content related to History. Everyone should know about the history. In this channel, you’ll get images and the history behind that image in four different languages. Which language you prefer doesn’t matter, because it covers almost all popular languages in the World.

Daily Life Hacks
Members: 4500+
Details: Need to learn a quick Life Hack. Then you are at the correct place. Here we provide the best and simple Life Hack which you can easily implement in your day today life. We can say these are the Life Savers which everyone needs, just miracles in disguise. Simple Solution to Everyday Problems. Happy Hacking.

These are some of the best Telegram channels list 2018 to join. If you have any suggestion regarding this list or want to add your channel to the top list then feel free to share with us. We’ll mention it in the next top Telegram channels list. If you like this post, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family and help others to locate the popular channels list.

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    Public channel for Catalunya and Barcelona fans :)

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    Channel for jokes. @funnybone

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    I thinks you should add this awesome English Channel, too
    @Englishoftheday is the most powerful Channel with more than 25000 members for those who want to improve their English Conversation

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