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How to Track Your Spouse’s Cell Phone

Track your wife's smartphone without letting her know about it.

One way to determine if your spouse is cheating is to track your spouse’s cell phone. But the question is how to do that? And how to do so without any detection.

Getting The Password

First and foremost do you have the password for the phone? If yes. Great! If not, try to learn it by watching carefully when it is keyed in. Try some obvious passwords or number sequences you know that might work. Before you can install some stealth programs, you need the password.

How to Track Your Spouse’s Cell Phone

Or ask to the use the phone when you have conveniently left your behind and just ask for the code.

Spyware App

Once you have located an app that suits your purpose, secretly install it on the phone. Then you can monitor the information on your device without your spouse even knowing what is happening. And how does this software help you with the problem? You can access the following information remotely.

Location: It tells you where the phone is. Is your spouse at work or somewhere else?

Record of phone calls. Listen in to the call with the repeated number that is not familiar to you.

Phone As Recorder: Listen in to where your spouse is. Does that sound like the Home Depot?

Makes Messages Visible: Read any message from many services.

Track Social Media, Emails: Read messages from any of these sources.

Browse Histories: Reveal where your spouse has been looking on the internet. Have he or she been using those dating sites? Viewing porn? The information comes stamped with GPS and time.

Expose the contact list: Review contacts for names you do not want to find but suspect are there.

Photos: Peruse photos for any incriminating evidence.

Applications Revealed: Are there any letters written or documents created that reveal what is going on?

Sim Card or External Drive Detection: Perhaps your spouse is somewhat more tech savvy and switches the SIM card or uses an external drive to keep information private. The app will note the change.

Cost of the SpyWare

Some of the apps that are available come free for a minimum functionality with the upgraded version costing more as the capabilities expand. And there is a monthly fee for the part of the app that monitors the information.

Some of the common spyware names are GuestSpy, HighsterMobile, Easy Spy, mSpy, MobiStealth and Flexi Spy.


You may use these products to find out that your suspicions were 100% correct. You can a track your spouse’s cell phone. What you do about that situation, is for you to decide. Perhaps in listening in to conversations, you have discovered some of the issues that have caused your spouse to look elsewhere. You may decide to rectify those. Or you may decide to split up. Maybe by monitoring the situation, you feel that you can wait to see if the affair is going to interfere with your marriage seriously.

And perhaps you find out that cheating is not the problem. It may be a secret gambling habit or some other addiction. By using the software at least, you have gathered some very useful facts to help you deal with the situation.

And perhaps you are totally wrong. Your spouse has been working those extra hours so that a special trip can happen. We can always be hopeful.

Other Uses

Spyware App is not just for cheating spouses. It can be useful in many other circumstances. This will allow parents to ensure their teenagers are where they say they are going to be or provide an assurance that their children are not being subjected to online bullying or taken advantage of by an online predator.

Company phones are often carrying this type of software to prevent non-business usage.

Conversely, if you have lost your phone, you can use the app to find out where it is. Sometimes the location is not enough to locate the phone.

Try the software to confirm your suspicions, so you can make choices that are right for your lifestyle. Basing decisions on merely suspicions can lead to disastrous results.

But what if there is a second phone that is being used?

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