How to Turn a Balloon into Mobile Case

After buying a mobile phone, always we think to protect it from scratches by applying screen guard and mobile case. No phone comes with a mobile case. So, if you have ordered a mobile case and want to protect your mobile for few days in cheap price, then a Balloon can help you.
How to Turn a Balloon into Mobile Case
A Youtube user “Woosung an” uploaded this tutorial video and now it is viral and adopted by many users. According to this video, first you have to blow up the balloon and place your Phone over it. Then one person should loosely hold the balloon opening while the other holds the phone down. Soon, the balloon begins to mold into the phone’s shape. Is not it amazing? Watch the below video for better understand.

It is quite simple to make, and you just have to spend a negligible amount of money. This is a unique technique to make a temporarily mobile case. The only disadvantage of the case is, you can’t use the charging port and earphone jack. After all, I am very much impressed on this and want to try it on my phone.

[Via: DailyMail]


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