Why You Should Use Internet Download Manager?


Have you ever noticed that you are not getting the full speed while downloading something from Internet. The reason is, when you try to download anything using your browser, your browser usually opens a single stream to download the file. Every file server has a limitation per download; that’s why you get a slower speed.
Why You Should Use Internet Download Manager
However, if you are using a good download manager such as Internet Download Manager (IDM), then you’ll get a higher speed. But, how it is possible? Before going to the topic, let me introduce what exactly IDM is. I think IDM don’t need any special kind of introduction as it is the most used and most popular renowned download manager for Windows pc.

How it Enhances your Downloading speed

As I mentioned before, that browsers use single stream to download, but IDM download streams of the file in parallel, so the download is faster. It divides single files into multiple streams and after completion of download, it merges them to create a single file. IDM can increase your download speed upto 5 times.

Resume Download Support

Suppose, you are downloading something and a problem occurs with your Internet connection or with your computer, then next time you need to download that file again. In case of IDM, you can pause your downloads and resume them whenever you want and there is no need to download that file again. It auto pauses the download process when any problem occurs.

Online Video Downloader

Online video streaming sites, such as YouTube or any other site don’t allow the users to download the video. Internet Download Manager also works as a Video grabber, that can be able to download video files from different sites in different formats. You don’t need to purchase a different video downloader, if you have IDM.

Browser Integration

It can be integrated with your browser to provide you some extra functionality, and none of the download managers have this feature. After successful integration, you can download all links of a web page with a single click. Is not it amazing?

Supports all Browsers and Windows OS

Internet Download Manager is only made for Windows PC and supports all versions including the latest Windows 10. It supports all popular Internet browsers like, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera.

One Click Download

There is no need to copy and paste the download link on IDM. Whenever you click on a download link on your browser, it immediately promotes a download window with the file size. You have the options to download now, download later or cancel download. It organizes the downloaded files automatically using pre-defined download categories.

Proxy Support

Proxy is used to bypass the download connection in a restricted area. IDM uses http, https, ftp protocols and works fine with Microsoft ISA and ftp proxy servers.

Download Speed Limiter

IDM uses your all Internet resources while downloading a file. It may cause a slow issue for other online activities. However, don’t worry about it. Using speed limit option, you can control the speed limit and can do other works finely.

Auto Update

There is no need to check for updates. IDM checks for latest update once per a week and shows through a notification window with version and new features.

This is not the end. You’ll get many amazing features with Internet Download Manager, but the above features are unique and enough to fall in love with IDM. We have also created an infographics for better understanding.
Why You Should Use Internet Download Manager