MX Player DTS & AC3 Custom Codec Download (Apk & Zip)

In this guide, I am going to provide you MX Player custom codec with DTS and AC3 support. If you talk about must-have Android apps for entertainment purpose, then you can’t ignore MX player. Just like the VLC media player in Windows, MX is the widely popular media player for Android users with tons of features. More than 500 million users are using this app for watching videos, and it is one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store. It can play almost any audio and video file you throw at it. Besides this, it comes with a user-friendly interface bundled with many features to enjoy your media files.

It could be able to play almost all media formats, but last year it stopped supporting audio formats with the AC3, DTS and Dolby digital codec because of the licensing issues. That means if any video file has a DTS/DTSHD/AC3/EAC3/MLP audio track, then the video will play without the audio. Sometimes it was unable to switch in between audio tracks, because of the unsupported file formats. Instead, it will get a popup message saying that only the video will be played, sans the audio.

After this issue, many users start switching to the VLC media player for Android, but in my opinion, no one can beat MX player. So, there is no official support for these formats. But, you can use DTS and AC3 codec for MX Player manually to start the game again.

MX Player Custom Codec with DTS and AC3 Support

Ktsamy, a well-known developer from XDA, published the codecs to play it as before. You can now get the digital audio support back to MX Player quite easily. Right now, you’ll get MX Player AC3 and DTS codecs for your device on Play Store, but you can’t be able to install them on your phone. So, you have to do it manually. Before going to the tutorial, let’s know some FAQ on these custom codec.

What is the difference in between MX Player Codec Packs on Google Play and Custom Codec?
Google Play Store also has the app to download MX Player Codec which contains the required libraries according to your smartphone’s architecture. But the custom codec pack includes many other libraries to play almost all audio and video files on your device. If MX Player asks to install the codec pack from play store, then you have to install it. Otherwise, it’ll not work. But, the custom codec is just a modified version of the FFmpeg library. So, it is essential for all users to use it on their devices if they want to play videos and audios with DTS and AC3 support.

How to know that your MX Player Custom Codec is outdated?
Whenever MX Player is updated, It will test the custom codec version installed on your device. If it finds it outdated, then you’ll show an error message that shows “Custom Codec is out of date. Replace it with the new version”. In that case, you need to download and update your codec pack manually.

MX Player Custom Codec Download (Apk & Zip)

If you are searching for the Custom Codec APK file, then you don’t need o worry. Google Play store has all supported versions according to your device architecture. On play store, just search “MX Player Codec”. It’ll show you the proper codec app for your device. Install it on your smartphone, and you are ready to go.

If you are looking for MX Player Custom Codec Zip files to download. Then follow the below download button. Download the suitable ZIP file according to your system architecture; Like, ARMv7 Neon, ARMv7 Tegra3, ARMv7 Tegra2 or X86. If you are not sure about the codec version, the follow the below screenshot or download AIO pack (All-In-One). It has all codec versions for all type of Android processors.

MX Player Custom Codec with DTS and AC3 Support DownloadBefore download MX player AC3 and DTS codec for Android, you need to check the supported file system on your phone. Open, MX Player Settings >> Decoder and scroll down to bottom. Here you can get your supported codec version for your phone or tablet. In my case, it is ARMv7 NEON type custom codec.

After complete the download, if you are lucky, then MX player will automatically detect the codec pack on your device and will ask you for a confirmation if you want to use the codec. Just tap on “OK” button. If you have selected the right version, then it’ll restart once to set all.
MX Player Custom Codec with DTS and AC3 SupportIf it does not detect automatically, you can set it manually. Just tap on Custom codec and select the codec file that you’ve downloaded from the link provided above.

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If you are not sure about your MX player custom codec version, then you can download AIO (all in one) pack for your device. After successfully installed the codec, you can confirm it from Help >> About page. Now you can easily play video with DTS and DOLBY audio on MX Player.

This was the article on how to enable DTS and AC3 Support on MX Player. Now you can play AC3, DTS and Dolby digital codec videos easily by applying this procedure. You can also use MX Player as an audio player and play your audio files without downloading any extra application for that. I hope, this could help you to solve your problem regarding custom codec. If you have any issue in installing the codec, do leave a comment, and I will be happy to assist you out as soon as possible.